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Recognizing that small enterprises typically view consulting services as unaffordable, Cathedral Consulting Group, LLC is delighted to provide you with cost-efficient services.

  • Financial Systems
    Cathedral Financial Systems Practice helps small and mid-sized business and nonprofit organizations navigate the challenges of developing sound financial...
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  • M&A
    Cathedral's overall approach to increasing value in M&A consulting services includes needs assessment, transaction preparation, potential introduction to funding...
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  • Family Run Business
    Cathedral's Family Run Business Practice supports family owned and operated companies to implement structures and systems that protect the...
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  • Management & HR
    Social Security benefits are one of the most important parts of any retirement portfolio. A poor claiming decision can...
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  • Fundraising
    Nonprofits offer their services and programs through the use of extensive funding sources. Once an Organizational Assessment is completed...
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  • Leasing Competitive Edge
    As a member of Leasing Competitive Edge (LCE), participants receive counsel on growing their company, statistical company comparisons, selling...
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  • Marketing
    Cathedral’s team helps businesses clearly communication their value to new markets and systematically expand their business.
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About Us

What We Do

Cathedral Consulting Group

Cathedral helps small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits grow and enhance their strength and value. 

We believe that growth requires a vision for tomorrow as well as an awareness of the needs of today. Our mission is to identify those needs and work alongside our clients to develop and implement effective strategies. 

Our experienced consultants help our clients develop skills that enable them to better grow and manage their businesses. 

Cathedral Consulting Group know that small businesses and nonprofits have limited capital to spend on professional consultants. We are proud to provide highly effective and cost-efficient services. 


Topic of the Month


Focusing Your Marketing Strategy

As businesses enter into the New Year, it is essential to have a plan. As we mentioned in our November Topic of the Month paper, part of this plan is having a budget. Once it has been created and approved, a company should then develop a marketing strategy to support the newly created budget. 

Following are key areas to consider for your marketing strategy: 

  1. Clarity of value proposition 
  2. Competition and pricing 
  3. Internal marketing 
  4. Building from the existing customer/client base 
  5. Use of the internet 
  6. Industry Verticals 

Click here to read the entire article.


Using Your Fundraising Plan as a Guide Throughout the Year

Each organization should have a strategic plan which includes a financial component. As the year begins, now is the time to focus on revenue. For nonprofits, that means fundraising. At Cathedral we recommend having a yearly calendar of fundraising activities. This helps to create a regular focus on fundraising and avoid the Set-It-And-Forget-It Trap. 

We recommend that a calendar breaks down the fundraising process into five key elements: 

Major Donors 
Donor Database 
Board of Directors 

Tracking these fundraising elements enables the tracking of fundraising activities throughout the year. 

Click here to read the entire article.

Learn more about Cathedral’s Topic of the Month here.

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