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⌟ Management &HR

Management has responsibility for the success of the enterprise. This means they bear the pressures of all aspects of the business. While there is some limitation due to scope of responsibility, within that scope, management has a task to make the situation work. Management is about managing, therefore changing what might otherwise happen into what should happen. While management cannot control everything, management is to exercise control over all that they can. The result should be better results than if they were not there.

Cathedral’s Management & HR Services include:

  • Overall management strategy understanding. 
  • Compensation program for all employees. 
  • Employee review programs. 
  • Management development programs. 
  • Training and sales compensation programs. 
  • Organization chart and management structure to improve communication and strategy. 
  • Specific counsel for managers. 

What is an organization chart?

  • The organization chart is a picture of the operating structure of a company.
  • The responsibilities of each person are shown.
  • Establishing clear lines of authority in the company.
  • It shows who reports to whom.
  • The organization chart should include a description of each position’s roles and responsibilities and reporting alignment.