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⌟ Marketing


Unlike many marketing consulting, Cathedral’s marketing program focuses on the long-term marketing strategy for a company. Marketing is not a “silver bullet” and generally there is no one practice that will instantly bring a windfall of cash. But, through the creation of a comprehensive, long-term marketing plan, Cathedral’s team helps businesses clearly communicate their value to new markets and systematically expand their business. 

Cathedral develops effective customer acquisition strategies by creating and implementing holistic marketing plans tailored to a client’s goals, needs and financial capacity.

Marketing services:

  1. Design of an annual marketing program
  2. Implementation of a marketing program through specific monthly meetings, generally with a board service type approach
  3. Review of marketing efforts
  4. Development of marketing budgets
  • Marketing services can be a separate project or an add-on to existing services
  • Business reviews are used to develop a marketing service program

Other Marketing Services: 

  • Market Positioning 
  • Market Surveys
  • Market Research 

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